Finnish internationals to stay with Pixbo

Finland’s national team defenders Mia Karjalainen and Laura Manninen have both extended their contracts with Swedish Pixbo Wallenstam. Both have been pleased with their stay in Gothenburg and are looking forward to new challenges with the national team.

“I had been having thoughts about retirement, but the abrupt end of the season made me want to carry on”, Mia Karjalainen said in a live Instagram interview. “Floorball and my own playing and the team have felt good so Pixbo was my only alternative.”

Laura Manninen agrees. “Moving back home had entered my mind but as the season came to a premature end, there was really no other option than to stay. I have always been really pleased about things have been handled here and that’s one of the reasons I have stayed so long.”

As expected, all national team training camps planned for May were cancelled due to the COVID19 pandemic. Both Mia Karjalainen and Laura Manninen have their sights set for the next WFC in Uppsala in 2021.

“I hope we can get together before the end of summer to start our next project”, national team captain Mia says. “In Neuchatel we had a young team with lots of new players which gives a good base to build something new.”

“I had been dubious with my national team career but the trip to the WFC in Switzerland made me feel it is not time to give up yet”, Laura adds. “in our national team I see a lot of potential and we have two years to develop ourselves. In Uppsala, people will see an even hungrier team Finland”.