Coaching legend Seppo Pulkkinen just keeps on going

Seppo Pulkkinen has agreed to continue as head coach of O2-Jyväskylä women’s team. In his civilian life, the 65-year old coaching legend just retired having worked as principal of a Jyväskylä school.

“I still have no time for bingo or pensioners’ afternoon dances as I keep on working at several projects at the university as well as a book project. Neither can I give up coaching – too much free time would just drive me crazy or even crazier than I already am”, Seppo Pulkkinen laughs.

For the upcoming season, Pulkkinen and his co-coaches Jaakko Saavalainen and Jere Viljanmaa want to lead O2-Jyväskylä back to F-Liiga women’s A level.

Seppo Pulkkinen was known as an elite volleyball coach when the Finnish Floorball Federation surprised everyone by hiring as the head coach for their women’s national team. Pulkkinen led them to two WFC silver medals (2005 and 2007) and a third place (2003). He was also the one to coach Happee as they won the Salibandyliiga title in 2014.

Photo: Esa Jokinen

“Too much free time would just drive me even crazier than I already am.”