Baby squad from Turku now among the best

FBC Loisto from Turku have released their roster for their first F-Liiga A-division season. Loisto intend to keep shocking their opponents with a young group of talent. All but three of their players were born in this millennium.

With an impressive line of victories in juniors’ series, the FBC Loisto squad earned promotion to Finnish women’s league to then dominate the B division last year. This meant they are now going to play among the best an still there was no need to make big changes.

“Being promoted to a higher level usually means you run around looking for experienced players to have a chance for success but I see no need for that”, FBC Loisto head coach Matti Pienihäkkinen says. “I totally believe in this group of players and I think they earned themselves the right to enjoy their place here.”

The only new name in FBC Loisto roster is 14-year old talent Linnea Nevalainen from LoSB. Mila Manninen was their only loss, moving to Tampere to play for Koovee.

FBC Loisto:


Elinda Hermanson (Born in 1999)
Minnie Heininen (2001)


Clara Grönberg (2000)
Jannike Grönroos (2001)
Eeva Heininen (2003)
Nea Keihäs (2001)
Eerika Koski (2004)
Tuulia Lahti (2002)
Saana Lenkkeri (2000)
Matilda Lindström (2000)
Henrika Maikola (2003)
Iida Mettälä (2001)
Linnea Nevalainen (from LoSB, 2005)
Sini Niinikoski (2001)
Siiri Oksanen (2002)
Laura Pakarinen (2000)
Emilia Pietilä (2003)
Olivia Pietilä (2003)
Essi Raiski (1999)
Ulla Valtola (2002)
Pinja Vesanen (1999)
Maija Väätäjä (2001)

Photos: Anssi Koskinen

FBC Loisto
FBC Loisto have got used to dominating their games. Photo: Anssi Koskinen