Kid wonder stays in Lappeenranta

SaiPa from Lappeenranta get to keep their wonder kid as 14-year old Miisa Turunen has signed a 1+1-year contract with the merger team. Last season, Turunen was NST’s top scorer with her 29 goals and 16 assists in 20 games having started the season as a 13-year old.

SaiPa enters F-Liiga for women and Divari for men as a new organisation that is the result of a merger between Lappeenranta clubs NST and PoNoVo.

Other NST players having signed for SaiPa F-Liiga women are 15-year old Siiri Tuutti, Silva Jääskeläinen, Liisa Laapio, Petra Mussalo and Sofia Sinkko.

SaiPa publish their women's F-Liiga team on their Instagram account.