Lirkki, Uimonen and Kiuru sign for SB-Pro

Super Cup winners SB-Pro publish three more contracts for the season starting on Saturday. Jaana Lirkki, Hanna-Mari Uimonen and Mea Kiuru will wear Pro’s red and black in 2020-2021.

Three-time Finnish champion Jaana Lirkki has 188 regular season games under her belt having played for Tapanilan Erä III, NST and SB-Pro. Hanna-Mari Uimonen has represented OLS, Papas, Happee, SSRA and SB-Pro in 174 games. Mea Kiuru joins the team from LoSB where she she scored four goals and had two assists on last season’s NLB level.

SB-Pro’s F-liiga start will be away against SSRA on this Saturday.

Photo: Esa Takalo