PSS celebrate first ever Finnish title – Ella Sundström decides penalty shootout in Game 7

PSS from Porvoo are Finnish champions for the first time ever as they beat SB-Pro in penalty shootout in Game 7 of the finals. Ella Sundström’s goal decided the title in the sixth pair of the shootout.

After SB-Pro’s opening goal in the second minute of the game, PSS tied it up in the beginning of the third but neither the remaining game time of overtime saw any more goals. In the overtime, SB-Pro’s Karoliina Kujala missed an opportunity from close range and PSS’ Celine Stettler’s shot hit the crossbar.

In the fifth pair of the penalty shootout, Ina Leminen took SB-Pro ahead but PSS’ final regular shooter Alisa Kettunen never flinched, putting her ball past goalie Juulia Kataja. In the sixth pair, it was Ina Leminen again but this time she was not able to beat Arla Salo on goal. PSS’ sixth shooter Ella Sundstöm  lifted a backhand shot in the top corner, starting a wild yellow celebration.

Photo: Anssi Koskinen