Classic's mission impossible?

In the women’s final series, Classic aims to cause reigning champions TPS their first defeat of the whole season.

Mighty TPS cruised through the regular season with three-point victories only and have continued their clean sweeps in the play-offs as both FBC Turku and EräViikingit got beaten in three straight games.

Classic’s road to the finals was more complicated as they were at the brink of disaster after two losses against SaiPa but managed a clear 7-2 win in game five. In the semi-finals, last year’s finalists PSS were eliminated in four games.

The finals are to be played as a best-of-seven series.

Game schedule:

TPS-Classic Sat 1.4. 15.00, Kupittaa PH
Classic-TPS Sun 2.4 17:00, Bläk Boks
TPS-Classic Wed 5.4. 18.30, Kupittaa PH
Classic-TPS Sat 8.4 17:00, Bläk Boks

If necessary:

TPS-Classic Sun 9.4. 15.00, Kupittaa PH
Classic-TPS Wed 12.4 18:30, Bläk Boks
TPS-Classic Sat 15.4. 15.00, Kupittaa PH