F-liiga Weekend Highlights - Classic wins TPS after 18 months, SSRA turned the match upside down at the last minute

The Finnish Champion TPS was unstoppable for over 18 months in women’s F-liiga. 

Finally, on Friday the 13th Classic was able to win TPS at their home venue Bläk Boks. Classic’s Elli Kylmäluoma scored the victorious goal 6-5 only 8 seconds after the previous goal. Suvi Hämäläinen finalized the winning score 7-5 with an empty net goal scoring total 3+2 in the match. Before Friday’s match, TPS had won altogether 39 F-liiga matches in a row.

SSRA’s amazing final minute

On Saturday, SSRA from Oulu played the end of the match unbelievably and scored the three last goals at the last minute, literally. In the third set, Mirja Hietamäki scored 6-3 for SB-Pro in 58.36 on an empty net. However, SSRA scored 6-4 only 40 seconds before the end of the match, then again 11 seconds before and finally the team scored their sixth goal in time 59.55.

In the penalty shootout SSRA’s Katja Nättilä, Hanna Niemelä and Liinu Koivisto scored succesfully as goalkeeper Flavia Niemelä shined at their goal with zero goals against