TPS and Classic top two teams after October - EräViikingit and SaiPa right behind!

November in F-liiga’s women’s league starts in TPS lead but Classic is right behind. EräViikingit, with one more match, and SaiPa from Lappeenranta are very close to the top two teams after October’s last matches.

On Monday’s match, EräViikingit won PSS at Mosahalli. In addition to three F-liiga points, EräViikingit also proceed to the semi-final-phase in the Finnish Cup. The first goal of the match took place only in the third set by Pinja Suhonen and the second goal was a skillful one woman show by Nea Nupponen with the final score 2-0.

ÅIF from Sipoo took their first ever victory over SB-Pro from Nurmijärvi with final score 2-6. The fifth goal of the match was also the first F-liiga goal for young talent  Inka Liljavirta born in 2005.

The next matches in women’s league take place on Saturday 4th of November with matches EräViikingit-O2-Jyväskylä, TPS-SaiPa, ÅIF-Classic and PSS- Koovee. The Sunday 5th of November is also busy, with six matches!

All matches live on F-LIIGATV!

Photo: Juha Hautakangas