Referees do their part: No raise

Finnish floorball referees want to help clubs struggling amidst the COVID19 crisis by giving up their planned raise for next year’s fees

Local referee clubs that represent Finland’s floorball referees had negotiated modest raises for next seasons. For instance, in Salibandyliiga it would have brought each referee 10 euros more than this season.

In a regular season Salibandyliiga game each referee receives a compensation of 200 euros. In a game for the youngest juniors, the fee may be as low as 15 euros.

“Its is a rather small matter for an individual local referee”, chairwoman of Finland’s largest referee club USBEK Katja Karjalainen says. “Yet as a whole it has an effect as the number of games during the season is high”.

“In total, floorball clubs will save about 50,000 euros in referees compensation”, Head of referees of Finland’s floorball federation Mika Saastamoinen adds, wishing to thank referees for their help.