Joona Kukko signs for another year

Nurmon Jymy get to publish an important contract extension as Joona Kukko has promised to continue his career with the team. This season, the 32-year two-way center scored 13 goals and had 14 assists in his 23 Divari games.

“To be honest, I spent quite a while pondering my career but I decided in favour of a new contract with Jymy and that feels good”, Joona Kukko says. “About twenty years ago, my dad took me and my brother to watch a Jymy Salibandyliiga game and I remember dreaming about playing there one day. Now we get to challenge the best teams in Finland and I believe we have a lot more to win than to lose”, the native of Vaasa, Finland says.

Photos: Juha Käenmäki