EXEL Precision - Official match ball of F-Liiga

F-Liiga and Exel have signed a two-year equipment contract which means that a high-class Exel Precision ball will be used in all F-Liiga games. Also, history is being made here as this is F-Liiga’s first new sponsorship contract.

“We are really excited as F-Liiga gets a piece equipment worth it: Exel Precision is a Finnish top class product”, F-Liiga CEO Kimmo Nurminen says.

According to the contract, all F-Liiga teams (16 for women and 14 for men) will receive an equal number of balls. Exel wants to support both women’s and men’s elite series equally.
“We have followed the launch of F-Liiga and the discussion around it closely and we have great respect for the open-mindedness and bravery of the new organisation”, CEO of Exel Kari Halonen says.
“It is great to get to work together with them and we feel like this is the beginning of something great indeed.”