Welhot win race for Aleksi Ahokas

Welhot get to keep an important player as Aleksi Ahokas has agreed to extend his contract. This season, the 24-year old forward scored 20 goals topped with 22 assists.

The Welhot talent was chased by a number of F-Liiga teams but decided to keep developing in northern Savonia.
“What made me stay in Kuopio were the beautiful town, my studies and naturally the club’s determination to keep me. I feel Welhot can offer me a good base to develop further both as a player and as a person.”

Ahokas is looking forward to another season.
“The next season will definitely be different for Welhot as our new head coach and the new era he brings are going to give us more strength. Welhot is going to me stronger and more competitive than before. Personally, I have high expectations for my own performance and I hope I can help the team to go far next spring.”

Welhot’s contracted players by 29.5.2020

Roni Tuononen
Teemu Harle
Roni Väänänen
Topias Simonen
Niko Uurtio
Aleksi Ahokas
Olli Taskinen
Mika Rissanen
Jesper Kauhanen
Jere Koistinen
Eetu Juvonen
Erno Sivula

Photos: Juhani Järvenpää