Finnish Cup to be decided by F-liiga teams

Finnish Cup has been running all autumn and for both women and men, it’s time for the semi-finals next. All remaining teams are F-liiga teams as the last ones playing lower levels were eliminated last night.

The quarter-final round saw two brave challenges by Divari (second highest level) teams as FBC Turku took SPV into overtime and Karhut did the same for Nokian KrP. Both F-liiga teams were eventually able to score the winners, though.

Semi-final teams for women are Classic, FBC Loisto, SB-Pro and Koovee and for men Classic, Nokian KrP, SPV and Westend Indians.

Quarter-final results women

O2-Jyväskylä – SB-Pro 4-5
Classic – Blue Fox 7-2
PSS – Koovee 2-6
O2-Jyväskylä II – FBC Loisto 3-4

Quarter-final results men

Westend Indians – O2-Jyväskylä 11-4
SPV – FBC Turku 7-6 ot
HIFK – Classic 0-16
Nokian KrP – Karhut 6-5 ot

Last season, the Finnish Cup finals were played in Tallinn, Estonia where Classic beat Nokian KrP and SB-Pro ended up victorious against PSS.

Photo: Esa Takalo