Astala and Hakkarainen F-liiga players of the month

Westend Indians center Aaro Astala and SaiPa forward Juuli Hakkarainen are F-liiga Players of the month in November. They were pick by Finland’s national team coaches.

Aaro Astala had five goals and six assists in Indians’ four games in November. He is presently third in the scoring league with 11+20=31.

Juuli Hakkarainen has led SaiPa to the first place in women’s F-liiga B. In November, she scored eight goals and had two assists in their five games.

Previous Players of the month in F-league:

September: Nico Salo (Classic) and Laura Pakarinen (FBC Loisto)
October: Miska Mäkinen (LASB) and Hanna Niemelä (SSRA)

Photos: Ville Vuorinen