F-liiga to be broadcasted in Latvia

F-liiga and the Latvian Floorball Union have agreed on co-operation to bring selected F-liiga games to Sportacentrs TV channel.

Also, the Latvian federation will be granted rights to F-liiga video material to better promote floorball locally. it is no secret F-liiga also wants to be known outside its national Finnish borders.

“We are really excited about this as it is great to get to show the performances of the world’s best floorball clubs on TV”, the president of Latvian Floorball Union Ilvis Ilvis Pētersons says. “I hope our young generation will be watching the Latvian and Finnish stars of F-liiga to learn and some day reach the same level of play”.

“We are really glad to be able to enter Latvian broadcasting”, F-liiga sales manager Patrick Forsbacka points out. “Last year’s Finnish Cup finals in Tallinn had a great number of Latvian fans present to see their national team star Morics Krumins. The interest to follow F-liiga is there already and we hope this co-operation will increase our popularity there even further”.

In addition to Nokian KrP’s Morics Krumins, F-liiga Latvian stars include Janis Ragovskis and Ralfs Orste playing for LASB and SSRA’s Elizabete Pavlovska.