Joona Rantala and Jaana Lirkki F-liiga players of the month

Joona Rantala (Nokian KrP) and Jaana Lirkki (SB-Pro) were elected F-liiga Players of the month in December by Finland’s national team coaches.

Joona Rantala who leads Nokian KrP’s first line scored five goals and had 6 assists in December as KrP were victorious in all their three games. “Also, their defensive performances have constantly improved”, national team head coach Petteri Nykky notes.

Jaana Lirkki scored 4+5 as SB-Pro won both their December games. “It is fair to say Jaana was an extremely important factor in their success”, national team head coach Lasse Kurronen states.

Former F-liiga Players of the month:

September Nico Salo (Classic) and Laura Pakarinen (FBC Loisto)
October Miska Mäkinen (LASB) and Hanna Niemelä (SSRA)
November Aaro Astala (Westend Indians) and Juuli Hakkarainen (SaiPa)