EräViikingit sign Tiikerit's young star forward

After missing F-liiga play-offs for the first time, EräViikingit publish a high-profile transfer as forward Joakim Lund joins the team from neighbouring Tiikerit.

The 19-year old forward has two seasons on the men’s highest level under his belt, scoring first 38 and then 27 points. He has represented Finland in a U19 WFC tournament and made his debut at Finland’s men’s national team training camp.

“This is a big step for me and my first ever transfer as an adult player”, Joakim Lund says. “I have learnt a lot during the last couple of seasons and I think I can prove myself as a more mature player now.”

EräViikingit previously published their coaching staff that includes Miro Mäkelä who was Tiikerit’s head coach this season. EräViikingit is to be led by Tomi Rastas, Miro Mäkelä and Oskari Saari.

Photo: EräViikingit