Krister Savonen recovering from concussion – "Taking it day by day"

Krister Savonen was injured on ther 24th September away against Oilers as his head hit the concrete wall of the arena. Finland’s 27-year old top defenseman was diagnosed with concussion and he is now working on his recovery to get back on the lineup.

“I never lost consciousness but don’t exactly remember what happened”, Savonen says. “Naturally, I have watched it on video and there was clearly bad luck involved. I immediately told our manager that the red card that the opponent involved was shown should be erased.”

Having been out months after a concussion last year playing for Swiss Wiler-Ersigen, Krister Savonen is now going through rehab and working on a special training program adjusted for him after consulting top specialists.

The question on everyone’s lips is obviously whether Savonen will be able to play for Finland in the upcoming WFC in December.

“No one can tell for certain yet. All I know now is that I’m feeling good and I’m taking it day by day.”