Classic's winning streak cut short this year – TPS victorious in penalty shootout

This time, F-liiga giants Classic did not start their season with 23 straight victories as they did last year. The Finnish champs got beaten in their sixth game as TPS took a 2-1 away win after a penalty shootout.

Playing without their injured first-line stars Krister Savonen and Nico Salo, Classic were down 0-1 after a TPS goal by Aleksi Ahokas but in the second period, Ville Lastikka’s shot tied the game up.

After the third period and overtime remaining goalless, the game went into penalties where goals by Miko Kailiala (in photo) and Mikko Hautaniemi secured the extra point for TPS with Jussi Piha being the sole Classic player to succeed.

Photo: Esa Takalo