Oilers sack Heikki Luukkonen – Aleksi Lammi new head coach

Oilers’ head coach Heikki Luukkonen has been relieved of his duties, the Espoo club announced today. Assistant Aleksi Lammi will take over accompanied with the rest of the present coaching team.

Oilers’ sports director Jouni Vehkaoja gives Heikki Luukkonen praise for his performance in the five seasons with the team but states that the team aims for the F-liiga title and presently lying at the sixth place is not what they expected and wanted.

“At this moment, we felt the team needs a major wake-up call to meet its goals”, Vehkaoja says.

With Heikki Luukkonen as head coach, Oilers made the finals in 2021 and finished third in 2022. He was scheduled to leave the club at the end of this season.

Oilers are the second F-liiga team to lose their head coach this season. Previously, Miro Mäkelä took over EräViikingit replacing Tomi Rastas.

Photo: Juhani Järvenpää