12 Talents to watch – Who will be the number one pick at the F-liiga Draft?

The coaches for Finnish U19 and U23 national teams listed 12 talents to watch towards the first ever F-liiga Draft.

Among them there are many elite players from top floorball countries, but also a few highly talented players from rising floorball countries. Check out the introductions of these 12 talents below.

The very first F-liiga Draft is held at the Bläk Boks Arena on the May 17th. There will be three rounds at the F-liiga Draft and all the F-liiga clubs will be represented at the event.

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Photos: IFF, Český florbal, Swiss Unihockey


  • Very talented and skillful player with great perception of the game and innovative serving skills.

  • Right-handed sniper with a great shot. Is able to score already at WFC level.


  • Straightforward and strong player especially when it comes to one-to-ones. Is able to play in more than one positions on a high level.

  • Skills including shooting ability, ball handling and movement on the field already on a high level.

  • Very powerful defender with ability to play the ball on a good level.

  • Fast, skillful and efficient player who is ready to challenge in one-to-ones.

  • Great all-around player with wide range serving skills. Is able to pass fore-checking with the high-quality serves.

  • Goalkeeper with good reach and speed. Is able to make good saves especially in close range shots.

  • Very dangerous player when near the goal area. Great scorer but also good when fore-checking.

  • Straightforward player with a great ability to read the game and with wide range serving skills.

  • Powerful and physical forward with good reach and productive mindset in the game.

  • Defender with good reach and wide range of skills. Brings the rhythm needed to the game.