On Wednesday, May 17th 2023, the first ever F-liiga Draft takes place at Bläk Boks Arena. Here’s how to watch the Draft.

The Draft Event starts at 14.00 and there will be live streams in Finnish (Ruutu) and in English (IFF). In addition, F-liiga Draft can be followed on F-liiga social media channels as well as on the social media channels of the F-liiga clubs.

Each of the twelve F-liiga clubs will pick 3 foreign players on three rounds.  The players picked must be at least 18 years old by the time of the Draft (17.5.20203). On the other end, the players can turn 22 years during the year of the draft.

The pick order is set by the final results of the season 2022-2023 (the winner of the season 22-23 is the last team to pick):

1. FBC Turku
2. EräViikingit
3. Jymy
5. OLS
6. Indians
7. SPV
8. Classic
9. Happee
10. Oilers
11. Nokian KrP
12. TPS