Match Schedule for F-liiga regular season 2023-24 published

Season 2023-24 in the F-liiga men’s league will start on September 15th with a match between Happee and LASB. The regular continues until 9th of March.

– The match schedule was finalized in co-operation with F-liiga teams. However, some changes are still possible due to arena schedules, tells Competition Director of the Finnish Floorball Federation Ari Vehniäinen.

– In the upcoming season, matches are played also on Mondays, says CEO of F-liiga Kimmo Nurminen. This is a good opportunity to provide entertaining floorball matches to spectators on a time slot when not so many sports leagues are played. This also provides possibility to increased media coverage as wells as feedback to the teams about the opportunities of the Monday matches, continues Nurminen.

Some changes are still possible in the match schedule. The matches marked with x will likely be updated.

In the regular season, every team plays 33 matches. In total, 198 matches are played. After the regular season, teams 1-8 will continue to play-offs.

The last two teams (11. ja 12.), will play qualification matches with the six (1.-6.) best teams in Inssi-Divari (the second highest leagues in Finland). There are two rounds played in the qualification play-offs (best-of-five). The top 2 teams (1.-2.) after the second round will play in F-liiga in the season 2024-25.

Please see the match schedule here.

Photo: Anssi Koskinen