Classic in the lead after October – EräViikingit took the first victory of the season!

Ville Lastikka guaranteed the F-liiga’s number one spot for Classic in the match against Happee in October’s last match. EräViikingit finally took the first win in the season 2023-24.

Lastikka scored 3+1 and, also reached the milestone of 200 regular season goals as Classic won the match against Happee and took the number one spot in F-liiga’s men’s league after October. In the second set the score was still 4-4 after Happee fast-paced chase. In the final set, Classic scored twice and Lastikka finalized the third goal of the set and also hat trick for the night. Markus Salmi was the man of the match of team Happee with 1+2 but it wasn’t enough and the match ended 8-5 for the home team.

The tenth match of the season was successful for team EräViikingit as it took the first victory against FBC Turku with the final score 2-7. Juuso Möttönen with 3 goals as well as Classic players Vilho Helin and Otso Auvinen that transferred to EräViikingit for now, were key players guaranteeing the significant win.

One highlight of the night was also the return of Tuomas Aho, who was in the line-up for the first time after almost two years of injuries.

Novemeber matches start on Friday 3rd with Nurmon Jymy-Classic, Oilers-Nokian KrP and FBC Turku-LASB.

All matches live on F-LIIGATV!

Photo: Anssi Koskinen